Matthew Layton

Managing Director

Matthew Layton founded Rewind Creative in December 2020 after spotting the need for strategic marketing advice that uncovers and drives real business results.
With over 12 years of experience in the marketing industry, between in-house and freelance roles focusing on strategy, performance and customer acquisition, Matthew now focuses on the growth and operations of Rewind Creative.
With his experience and insight, Matthew has spoken with publications and media from BusinessLive, BBC Radio 5, and has spoken at conferences with audiences of over 100+ people giving actionable advice. 
Having consulted with over 60 businesses, Matthew applies marketing strategies and expertise to drive impact for clients and accounts.

Featured in:


> Supported Housing Group CEO to launch the strategic plan centred around improving quality of life for housing association 2,000+ tenants 
> Advised over 60 Southeast-based businesses from hospitality, tech and leisure with challenges around scale-up, growth or product/service launches
> Finalist in the National Start-Up Awards for Marketing and PR

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