Meet Alice, Business Development Assistant

Meet Alice, Business Development Assistant

So Alice, tell us a little about your role at Rewind Creative?

My role at Rewind Creative is a Business Development Assistant and I work alongside the client facing team to optimise every potential client who may need our services. My day to day duties can range from supporting businesses from small to large to content and social media. Although it is a change from my previous work I have become very comfortable very quickly and am enjoying the new challenges I am faced with everyday!

What do you find most rewarding about your role in Rewind Creative?

It would probably be finally being able to be in the industry that I have always shown an interest in progressing into. I have only ever worked in customer service roles so the business development career path is definitely a change – and a good one! Working in this role also rewards me with the fact that I can help clients and deliver to their specific needs through the service that we offer as a business.

What’s it like working with clients across multiple industries?

At first it felt a little daunting to be working with clients that were involved in industries where I had no previous knowledge or relevant experience, however due to the team I have around me I have been able to adapt what skills I already have to make sure I am putting in 100% effort whenever it is required. It can also be very rewarding in the aspect that once I have completed the task at hand I know that the clients are going to be happy with the work that I have provided to them.

What do you think Rewind Creative has that other agencies don’t?

Rewind Creative as an agency has an extensive record of knowledge and expertise in digital marketing and business which I feel as though will come in handy when speaking to clients who may need extra support. There are people coming from all different types of work-backgrounds and experience levels who are ready and willing to learn new skills and to help give the best service possible to any of our clients.

What advice would you give to someone wanting to do the same?

Honestly just go for it! Too many people hold back from doing something that they have always wanted to do due to their own self-doubt and beliefs, especially when people do not have the certain experience in certain sectors of work. But there are plenty of opportunities out there for people who are willing to expand their knowledge and start leaning towards a new career path. Even if there’s only a slight possibility of succeeding the chances and opportunities are too good to miss out on!

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