Meet Eleonora, our Marketing & PR Intern

Meet Eleonora, our Marketing & PR Intern

Hi! I’m Eleonora and I live in Montjovet, a small town in Valle d’Aosta, Italy. For the past 3 years I’ve been studying foreign languages applied to tourism and business at the University of Valle d’Aosta. I’m looking forward to graduating at the end of this year. 

I grew up in this tiny region in the middle of the Alps but I’ve always wanted to explore the world and get to know different cultures. So, naturally I chose to dedicate my studies to languages and communication. 

In my free time I enjoy watching movies, reading and listening to music, as well as spending time with my friends and family. I’m also discovering a passion for cooking and crocheting, although I still need a lot of practice.

What made you decide to apply for an internship with a UK marketing agency?

My course requires students to find an internship in our field of studies, so that could be either marketing or tourism. I opted for the marketing field as it seemed a great opportunity to actually put into practice what I’ve been studying, as well as a potential career path. 

I chose to look for a marketing agency located within the UK as I have a huge passion for the english language and culture, and also because I would have enjoyed living there.

While looking for an internship to apply for, I came across Rewind Creative’s offer. I immediately contacted the agency because it seemed like the perfect place for me. In-fact, the agency is giving me the opportunity to learn new skills and further develop my knowledge on various aspects of marketing while working for a range of different clients. Also, at Rewind Creative you soon become part of the team!

What is your role in the internship and what do you hope to learn and achieve?

I’m a marketing and PR intern, which means that I will be doing all things digital marketing such as creating and writing social media content for our clients, analysing data, doing market research and client development. 

I’m looking forward to learning about the different strategies and aspects that make marketing such a broad and fascinating field. I expect to gain experience and complete various types of projects, from creating illustrations to writing articles and interpreting data.

What are your long term and short term career goals?

After graduation, I’m planning on finding a job in marketing. Obviously, the main goal is to gain experience in the sector and become more skilled. However, in the long term I would love to have a brilliant career in whatever field I end up working in. 

What advice would you give to someone wanting to do the same?

I’d say, just go for it! Being an intern is actually a great opportunity to put into practice what you’ve learnt while still being able to grow and develop new skills and knowledge. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and put yourself out there!

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