Meet Margot, Marketing and Sales

Meet Margot, Marketing and Sales

My role is a Sales and Marketing assistant, which means I will get to see two sides of the business! I will be getting to help support content creation and the digital/social media side of things, whilst also contacting and maintaining client relationships. I wanted to get experience in marketing and copywriting so my role is a good balance between my customer service experience and my history as a musician working on music and artist promotion.

I write for a music blog in my spare time doing reviews and opinion pieces so I will be able to transfer my blog writing and analytical skills to my role.

What do you find most rewarding about your role in Rewind Creative?

This role means I get to be a part of supporting businesses improve and achieve their goals. I really enjoy solving problems and finding inventive solutions – I love getting to be creative as well as analytical and the role is a good blend of both. As a smaller start up business, the team is very close-knit and there is a lot of work with the local community that I will be able to support which I think is important too.

What’s it like working with clients across multiple industries?

It’s really interesting to be working with a variety of clients and having to adapt to different industries’ needs! The work will be challenging as all the industries will have a different target audience and I will have to tailor content to see what works across different channels for different companies. Having previously worked in music, festivals, retail and food I’m sure there will be opportunities to use my sector specific knowledge to help contribute ideas!

What do you think Rewind Creative has that other agencies don’t?

I think Rewind Creative is still a young company so there is a lot of opportunity to grow and develop during my six months here! Having a young team also means there’s a big digital focus with a modern approach to doing things rather than traditional print media. There is a big focus on giving opportunities for training so you can always upskill and develop during your role and enhancing your CV! The team is small but also has international interns, so it feels like the best of both worlds in terms of a personal work environment with a broad scope!

What advice would you give to someone wanting to do the same?

For anyone wanting to do something similar, I’d say don’t be scared to try new things and ask for help! There are so many free resources on the internet to take advantage of and you can learn a lot from asking loads of questions! It’s easy to worry that you are bothering people by asking questions, but I’ve always found people enjoy sharing knowledge and talking about work they’re passionate about. I’d also say to try things that match some but not all of your skills, as it’s a good way to develop and grow whilst staying true to your interests.

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