Scaling social media growth with viral videos and creator collaborations

Social media, influencer marketing and content creation

The details

Build a Burga wanted to expand beyond their loyal customer base and reach new audiences on social media with their highly-rated menu. Taking on social media management for Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, we began creating social-first content to scale their reach and grow their accounts. Going one step further, we identified relevant creators for both street food and halal options, inviting them to try the new menu as a gifted experience in return for social media content.

The strategy

By using the first 60 days of our partnership to test content and identify what performed best with their audience, we quickly found that behind-the-scenes content of running the food business resonated the most with food lovers and gave them more reason to want to visit and sample the food themselves.
Using a mixture of trending videos and original content and series, we quickly scaled their social media accounts, with 1 video going viral on Facebook Reels with 222,000 views and over 1,000 engagements. This led to more attention from street food event organisers, offering them the opportunity to become a vendor at upcoming events and festivals.
Collaboration with content creators was also a key part of our strategy, showcasing the ordering process, the food itself and video reviews taking their audience along with them. To keep a this momentum going, we built a pipeline of creators to visit over the coming months to generate a steady stream of UGC that could reach new audiences and create additional content to repurpose.

The results

> Viral video with a combined 243k views
> 4 creator collaborations in 60 days
> 66,000 TikTok views in 60 days, up by 3,978%
> 2 months pipeline of content creators lined up

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