Brand expertise and positioning through content and personal brand

Paid advertising, personal brand, social media management, content and web

The details

With a service provision that goes above and beyond the industry standard, Finish I.T. wanted to partner with a marketing agency that could support their brand positioning and expertise, strengthening their reach and relationship building with prospective clients.
Utilising a multi-channel strategy, we launched a new website that demonstrated their services, industry specialisms and included a blog designed to optimise their content for search visibility and demonstrate their knowledge and skills.
With paid media to increase their reach with prospects, we also supported Finish I.T. with their personal brand online to build on their experience in the industry with an engaged community.
FIT FT imagery

The results

> 700% growth in their community through personal brand management
> 6250% increase in their search visibility in 6 months
> Top search impressions from target keywords, including “managed IT support Birmingham” and “IT support midlands”

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