A local lettings agent

Marketing and branding

Rewind Creative was tasked to create a plan of advertising to compliment a local lettings agent’ services and focus on how these differentiate from most high street estate agents. We were also asked to increase engagement across all channels by creating engaging content as well as amplifying key campaigns throughout the year.

Campaign highlights

> 55% of website referrals have come from Facebook in 2020
> Increased monthly website traffic by 538% in 2 years
> Achieved over 12,000 engagements on Facebook in 2020

We carried out a full review of their current marketing strategy and identified what aspects worked well, and where improvements could be made. We decided to cut through conventional forms of advertising to reach their target audience and put a local lettings agent at the forefront of the market. We created and implemented a new strategy to engage with both current and potential customers, building loyalty whilst also building the brand and driving business results. Using various marketing solutions, including social media, email and website, we were able to take them into new territory with their marketing and advertising.

3+ campaigns delivered

Implemented marketing strategy

We also produced imagery and videos to support the wider marketing on social channels with organic and real content that only enhanced the brand’s identity and new tone of voice.
We redefined the brand’s tone of voice and brand positioning by adjusting their social channels’ aesthetics to reflect who they are and what they have to offer. By leveraging on what makes them different to competitors and taking a more digital approach, we were able to bring all costs down and deliver better results more cost effectively.

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