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Paid media and website design

The details

Project TSC, a microcement and flooring company, was looking to extend their residential offer across the UK and needed a website built for lead generation, as well a PPC campaign that would drive quality leads for conversion. After the initial website build was completed and signed off, we created a PPC strategy that would allow Project TSC to gain impression share with their target audience that was searching with intent.

The strategy

Introducing campaigns starting with a ‘maximise clicks’ bid strategy to gain enough learnings on data that results in conversions, we achieved 29,000 search impressions in the first month and generated conversions and calls. We used this data to allow us to switch to a ‘maximise conversions’ bid strategy and identify which keywords were generating the most clicks and conversions to utilise higher spending against these. Within time, impressions increased by 120% and conversions by 575% – a huge impact of learning from the data and implementing this into our strategy.
In the next phase, we took advantage of the increase in data to strengthen our bid strategies further and increase conversions by a further 66%, and cost per conversion decreased by 40%. Leads generated scaled from residential upgrades, extensions and self-builds, all the way to commercial projects and large-scale warehouse fitting.
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The results

> 29,400 impressions
> 10,349 website users from paid ads
> 769 leads generated in 18 months, with the value ranging from £6,000 to £3,000,000
> £15 cost per conversion

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