Reaching maximum capacity for a luxury cocktail bar

Social media, influencer marketing, paid media and content creation

The details

A luxury cocktail and champagne bar based in Stafford, The Treehouse, noticed the impact that lockdowns had on their footfall and awareness in the local area, being a newly refurbished and relaunched establishment in the last year. In July 2021, they appointed Rewind Creative to introduce a marketing strategy to amplify their awareness and engagement with their target audience.

The strategy

We developed and executed a marketing strategy that combined their unique experience offering with high-quality content that resonated with the target market. Aiming at more affluent customers, we identified relevant content creators to collaborate with, creating social-first content that highlighted the quality of the cocktails and experience in social feeds. Launching Facebook and Instagram ads, with both new customer acquisition and retargeting strategies, we combined promotional content with user-generated content to drive the most website traffic The Treehouse had seen for bookings and events.
With a need for improved visuals that reflected the quality of their venue and cocktails, we provided an on-site content shoot to capture photos and videos that would excite and engage their audience through online interactions. We also introduced launch campaigns for new menus, including a Bottomless Brunch, which included competitions, influencer marketing and a clear campaign that differentiated from their other content to build recognition and recall with the new menu.

The results

> 3,500 website visitors and an 85% increase in online bookings
> 280% growth in social media channels
> 35% conversion rate from paid social campaigns
> Reached maximum capacity for multiple new menu launches and events
TH Menu.2

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