Best marketing campaigns in May 2023

Best marketing campaigns in May 2023

In this edition, we delve into the exciting initiatives from Nakd, J Hus, Estate of Us, and the Jacquemus x Nike collaboration. From Nakd’s nationwide out-of-home campaign to J Hus’ mysterious billboard announcement, and the thought-provoking art project by Estate of Us, to the innovative collaboration between Jacquemus and Nike, these campaigns showcase the power of creativity, authenticity, and pushing boundaries

Nakd’s OOH campaign

Nakd, the beloved vegan snack bar brand, recently wrapped up its highly successful out-of-home (OOH) campaign, leaving a trail of awareness and new customers in its wake.

The campaign kicked off with a captivating masterbrand redesign, taking over prime OOH sites in train stations across London, Manchester, and Leeds. These eye-catching displays instantly drew attention to Nakd’s core product range.

To maximise impact, Nakd strategically placed additional OOH executions in high-traffic locations throughout the capital, including Heathrow Terminal 2, BOXPARK Shoreditch, and TfL’s Underground and Bus network. The campaign’s reach was truly remarkable, generating approximately 10 million impressions.

The key message behind Nakd’s campaign resonated with health-conscious snackers, emphasising that they shouldn’t have to compromise on taste when choosing a wholesome and HFSS compliant option. This powerful narrative was conveyed through a series of catchy straplines like “Don’t Look I’m Nakd,” showcasing the brand’s signature flavors: Blueberry Muffin, Cocoa Orange, Peanut Delight, and Salted Caramel.

While the campaign excelled in the OOH space, Nakd also leveraged significant online activity across Meta, YouTube, and Pinterest, ensuring its message reached younger shoppers in their digital realms.

In addition to promoting its core range, Nakd used the campaign as an opportunity to introduce its new lineup of protein bars. This diversification of offerings allowed customers to indulge in an increasingly varied selection of guilt-free delights.

Nakd’s OOH campaign was an undeniable triumph, leaving an indelible mark on the snacking landscape. With its enticing visuals, compelling messaging, and strategic online presence, the brand continues to captivate the hearts and taste buds of health-conscious consumers everywhere.

Jacquemus x Nike

The highly anticipated collaboration between Nike and luxury brand Jacquemus has come to fruition with the release of the Jacquemus x Nike J Force 1 sneaker. Following the success of their initial collaboration, the Nike x Jacquemus Air Humara LX, the two companies have once again joined forces to create a stunning footwear offering.

The J Force 1 takes inspiration from the iconic Air Force 1 silhouette, giving it a contemporary twist infused with the unique aesthetic of Simon Porte Jacquemus, one of today’s most influential designers. Notable design elements include bulky hand woven stitching on the outsole, a distinctive Jacquemus logo printed on the bottom, and a sleek polished metal swoosh, adding an elevated touch to the shoe’s appearance.

The design process for the J Force 1 drew inspiration from Nike’s Considered shoe, which aimed to reduce the environmental impact of footwear production by minimising the use of glue. This environmentally conscious approach adds a meaningful dimension to the collaboration.

While the sneakers boast a brutalist style, they provide a remarkably comfortable experience, akin to walking on clouds. It’s worth noting that Simon Porte Jacquemus began his label at the young age of 20, and since then, it has flourished into a renowned brand, earning prestigious accolades, including one of the highest LVMH prizes. Jacquemus has made a name for itself in recent years with unique runway shows held in lavender and wheat fields, as well as the creation of iconic pieces like the Le Chiquito bag and oversized straw hats.

The Jacquemus x Nike J Force 1 collection perfectly merges the timeless appeal of the Air Force 1 with Jacquemus’ distinctive vision, resulting in a shoe that encapsulates both style and comfort. This collaboration showcases the creativity and innovation that arises when two powerhouse brands come together, leaving fashion enthusiasts eagerly anticipating what future collaborations may bring.

They’re asking for how much?!

The Estate of Us, a group dedicated to changing the conversation around Ireland’s affordable housing crisis, has made a powerful impact with their thought-provoking art project. Through brutally honest signs strategically placed at seven upscale listings in Dublin, the group aimed to shed light on the harsh realities of the housing market.

The messages displayed on the signs, such as “100k over asking,” “Vulture Funds Only,” and “You F**king Wish,” sparked immediate attention from passers-by. Erected discreetly overnight, these signs quickly became a talking point and ignited conversations about the housing crisis.

The group’s spokesperson, who prefers to remain anonymous, emphasised the importance of addressing the issue in a fresh and candid manner. By opting for honest signage instead of conventional discussions, The Estate of Us aimed to disrupt the comfort of the government and push for meaningful change.

The group recognizes the power of social media in amplifying their message. Despite some signs being removed, their online presence on platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter has gained traction and attracted a growing following. They have also set up a petition on their website, urging the government to recognize housing as a fundamental right protected by the Irish Constitution. The petition encourages individuals frustrated by Ireland’s housing situation to engage with local TDs and voice their concerns.

It’s important to note that The Estate of Us does not intend to target estate agents with their blunt honesty. Instead, they aim to hold the government accountable and spark a necessary dialogue about the housing crisis. The group’s ambition extends beyond Dublin, as they aspire to address housing issues nationwide and have conducted extensive research on vulture funds and investment properties across housing estates.

The launch of The Estate of Us coincides with various stories highlighting the severity of the housing crisis, including the resignation of Robert Troy over property-related matters. Recent research also reveals that housing prices in Ireland are as steep as they were during the peak of the Celtic Tiger fifteen years ago.

The Estate of Us is making waves and inspiring change by confronting the housing crisis head-on. Their bold approach, combined with the power of social media and a compelling petition, has the potential to drive significant progress and reshape Ireland’s housing landscape for the better.

Move over Drake, J Hus has the new hotline bling ?

J Hus has sent shockwaves through the music world with a captivating billboard campaign announcing his return. Londoners couldn’t miss the enigmatic ‘Don’t Say Militancy’ billboards that appeared mysteriously across the city. Sporting an all-black design with white tape bearing the intriguing message, these billboards left fans curious and eager for more.

Adding to the intrigue, each billboard featured a prominently displayed phone number. Those who dared to dial it discovered a surprising twist. One fan even shared their experience on Twitter, revealing a voicemail from none other than J Hus himself. In the voicemail, the rapper tantalizingly hinted at his comeback, offering options for fans to leave messages or opt in for text updates.

With excitement building, fans are speculating that this elaborate stunt is a prelude to the release of J Hus’ highly-anticipated new album, following the success of his 2020 hit record ‘Big Conspiracy’.

In January, J Hus teased his followers on Instagram, announcing that his new album would arrive “mid-year.” Fans initially anticipated a summer release, eagerly awaiting the project he described as a collaboration with the powerful women in his life. The post hinted at an explosive album accompanied by visuals, leaving no doubt that J Hus was making a triumphant return to the music scene.

Rumours of a 26-track J Hus album began circulating early in 2021 after the rapper shared snippets of new music on his Instagram story. To fuel the anticipation further, J Hus reportedly shared and then swiftly deleted a tracklist for an album titled ‘The Ugliest’ in January 2022.

As the buzz intensifies, fans eagerly await the official announcement of J Hus’ new album, ready to embrace his unique style and undeniable talent once again. The billboards and cryptic messages only add to the anticipation, leaving everyone eager to see what J Hus has in store for his dedicated fan base.

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